(From the original Radio Mobile site, january 2008)

Given an activity where some medical assistance is required at regular intervals on a road.

Proper parameters are set in order to form a UHF radio net where a repeater will be used.

Note that the suggested mountain top location for the repeater is ideal for radio aspect, but that the fact that there is no road to get there makes that solution impractical. So, where should we put the repeater to insure good communications?

1-"New picture" is used to generate a gray scaled picture.

2-"Find best sites" is used to select the net.

3-Pictures are generated showing the possible repeater locations for each security point.

4-The overall performance is calculated at each location on the map (The first picture shows the signal for unit 1, the second for unit 2,... , and the last for unit 12).

5-A final image is generated showing a colored histogram.

6-The repeater can be placed at the previous location and we observe again that 7 of the 12 sites are covered from there.

7-And we got the jack pot! We can install the repeater right next to the road at shown location!