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RX Sensitivity

Some values for various sensititivies.

Modulation type treshold Sensitivity
Narrowband FM 12 dB SINAD -120 dBm
TETRA Handheld 4% BER -112 dBm

The P's and Q's from TV reception: http://www.utaharc.org/utah_atv/psandqs.html

These values can be used for ATV prediction.

Report treshold Signal/Noise ratio Sensitivity
P5 no discernible noise >45 dB >1000 microvolt
P4 very slightly noisy 35-45 dB 200-1000 microvolt
P3 somewhat noisy 20-35 dB 50-200 microvolt
P2 definitely noisy 8-20 db 15-50 microvol
P1 I can barely see your ID, OM... 3-8 db 5-15 microvolt
P0 Is there really a signal there? <3 db <5 microvolt

RF planning targets

Some planning targets for various technologies and services.

Modulation type treshold Sensitivity
DAB-T Outdoor Car Radio (service unknown) 48 dB(uV/m)
DAB-T Indoor Kitchen Radio (service unknown) 57 dB(uV/m)
DAB-T Pocket Radio (service unknown) 64 dB(uV/m)

Additional losses

In addition to the impact of terrain, engineers must also consider external losses such as body absorption, building losses, and values introduced in various circumstances. The following table provides some general guidelines for external losses.

Position of a handheld radio
Measured Losses 150-170 MHz 450-470 MHz
Handheld, antenna held vertical -6 dB -17 dB
Handheld, antenna held angled -10 dB -18 dB
Handheld, Hip-mount -17 dB -17 dB
In-Vehicle losses
Measured Losses 150-170 MHz 450-470 MHz
Radio on driver’s left hip, antenna clear: -25 dB -24 dB
Radio laying on seat, speaker up with antenna
toward front:
-36 dB -16 dB
Radio connected to vehicular charger and unity
gain antenna on rooftop: (15-foot RG-58/U coax)
-2 dB -4 dB

These loss values can be used when determining the amount of signal available at a receiver’s input terminals for a given field strength.

Building penetration losses

Additional measured losses inside buildings should be included when designing a system for operation of mobile units inside buildings:

Measured Losses at Building floor VHF UHF
Basement -34 dB -27 dB
1st -29,5 dB -23,5 dB
3rd -26 dB -20 dB
5th -23 dB -15 dB
10th -12 dB -3,5 dB
14th -7,8 dB +2 dB

Source: “Two-Way Personal Radio System Design,” General Electric Co.