Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

Radio link performance

The radio link performance as described by Roger for Radio Mobile is part of the link budget. The radio link performance describes the performance of the Up- or Downlink.

A practical implementation of a link budget is described in 'How to > Link budget'

The performance of a radio link is calculated as per the following:

T Power of the transmitter in dBm  10 log10 (Transmit power in Watts) + 30
L1 Transmitter line loss in dB
A1 Transmitter antenna gain relative to an isotropic antenna (dBi)
P Radio propagation loss from the Longley-Rice model in dB (including required fade margin)
A2 Receiver antenna gain relative to an isotropic antenna (dBi)
L2 Receiver line loss in dB
R Receiver sensitivity where the voltage is used as provided by a 0 dBd dipole antenna with a impedance of 50 ohm. 20 log10
(Receiver threshold in microvolts) - 107

The performance M is expressed in dB as a value over the receive sensitivity of the receiver:

M Received signal in dBm - R

M = (Tx - L1 + A1 - P + A2 - L2 ) - R

The performance can be expressed in S-Units. The S-Units can be configured in 'Options > S-Unit'

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