The Land Cover has become part of the propagation model in Radio Mobile.

If you have a proper path to the Land cover file on your computer, and activate the Land Cover in Elevation Data options, the program will evaluate the type of terrain and automatically adjust the percentage of forest and urban on the path, at the condition that the percentage in the Network properties is set to zero.

The various types of forest or grass are all using the forest model, but with a height and a density factor.T he penetration through clutter depends on the first Fresnel zone front, so you may observe some losses even if the radio beam is above the canopy.

The current default values are based on initial approximations, but you can edit those parameters and save them as various test cases.

A example on how to calibrate land cover can be found at 'How to > Calibrate > Land cover verification'.

Where the Land cover file is located can be found at 'How to > Work with Geodata > Obtain free geodata'

A full description of Land Cover data is at: 'Terrain data > Land Cover'

Warning: The implementation of the Land cover effect in Radio Mobile is based on a mix of empirical methods and wave theory. Parameters such as the height of canopy or buildings are based on an estimation for the average case. Considering that, and considering also the 1km resolution of the world land cover file, the model is best fit for communication systems with large coverage.