The verification of a prediction model starts with collecting survey data.

Before you start collecting the data you have to concider what your objective is because the objective influences the method of collecting survey data. Also the availabale technology will put a limit on what can be done with the collected survey data and what accuracy will be gained.

The common method of RF engineers to collect survey data is to install a fast scan receiver for the aproperiate frequency band on to a drive test vehicle and a test site on a building. The survey vehicle is most of the time a car but in some cases a trolley or a bike. Even a train can be used to carry the equipment.

A survey vehicle can also be used to install the measurement antenna on. Regarding the antenna the following topics have to be addressed:


The test site you create has to perfom well. To realise this you have to do some verifications:

Radiation pattern

Because we are using a drive test vehicle it is asumed that the vehicle will be used in various directions with respect to the transmitter site. In this case it is requred to know the antenna pattern of the measurement antenna or even better: the antenna pattern is omni-directional.

In the following images the effect of the type of antenna and the position of the antenna on the rooftop of the car is displayed.

To be able to complete the linkbudget and use this information in 'Network properties > Systems' the following information has to be registered:

For the unit in 'Unit properties' and 'Network properties > Systems' the following parameters have to be registered: