The test site is the location where the transmitter is located wich we will be receiving during our survey.
There are a number of subjects that need attention when setting-up such a site.

The site

The first thing you need to registrate is the location of the site. For this the use of a wayoint in a GPS is best.

Second you need to registrate the hight of the building or mast. In the case of a building in the Netherlands the average storage height is 3 meters. Just count the storages and multiply them by 3 will give aproximate height that will do in many cases. The best is of coarse to actually measure the building height.


This is important because you want to have a stable signal for the duration of your survey.
These are the items that needs attention:


The test site you create has to perfom well. To realise this you have to do some verifications:


It is in many cases the easyest way to install a omni directional antenna. However in some cases you have to use a directional antenna. In both situations the antenna gain is very important for a successfull survey. This value has to be fed in to Radio Mobile at the 'Unit' properties in 'Network properties'.

When a directional antenna has to be used the antenna pattern has to be known and fed in to Radio Mobile. You must register the antenna direction. This is a angle in degrees east-bound from north. Do pay attention when using a compass to the correction with respect to the true north.

When a antenna is installed the 'view' around the antenna should be clear and without any obstruction.

Overview of to be registered parameters

To be able to complete the linkbudget and use this information in 'Network properties > Systems' the following information has to be registered:

For the unit in 'Unit properties' and 'Network properties > Systems' the following parameters have to be registerd: