Although Radio Mobile was initially developed for Windows, Radio Mobile can work in a Linux environment using Wine. Specially for the use of Wine, Radio Mobile is optimized by Roger Coudé without lossing functionality.

This How-to is a best-practise on how to install Radio Mobile using Wine in a Linux environment and some aditional tricks and tips.

This How-to is intended for those already familiar with running Radio Mobile on a Windows system. Those installing Radio Mobile for the first time are advised to see the instructions for installing on a windows environment and get known to Radio Mobile first.

The installation of Radio Mobile was succesfull on UBUNTU 10.04.2 LTS and Wine 1.0.1.

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How does Wine affect Radio Mobile operation?

Because of the differences between a complete Windos environment and Wine some functionalities in Radio Mobile are lost while using Wine.

What does work?

What does NOT work?

These problems appear to be due to the Wine version of wininet.dll behaving differently to the Windows version. Hopefully as Wine is developed, the problems will disappear.