Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

Radio Mobile does not come with a self extracting installer. The software is simple and can be installed with a minimum of PC or windows knowledge as long as the instructions are followed in detail.

As Radio Mobile does not have a installer there is the risk of cluttering up the root of the drive. Therefore these recommendations are important:

  • It is recommended to pay attention to the Windows structure. Normally programs are installed in the folder 'program files' but that is not recommended with Radio Mobile.
  • It is recommended to use a drive for the use of Radio Mobile.

Installation instructions

The installation of Radio Mobile is a manual process that is described in the following 4 steps:

  1. Make preparations
  2. Download Radio Mobile
  3. Configure or prepare the installation
  4. Running Radio Mobile
  5. Configure Radio Mobile

Installation alternative.

Ian, G3TVU, offers on his website Radio Mobile in a installer which installs the current version of the program, complete with licence conditions and verification of acceptance of the data source conditions. It installs all the folders and internal links to make the program work, and it is a very simple matter to move the location to your own once the program functions. The file layout was as originally suggested by Roger and Ian didn't change it as it does work and keeps all the information in one folder without cluttering up the root of the drive.

Ian has added to this installer a 'base network' to make a easy start with Radio Mobile.

His Quick start guide can be found at: template modified by PE1MEW