Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

Download all required files

Radio Mobile is split in to 2 file groups. The first group is the "Core" that holds all files that are language independant.  The second group are the programs that are version specific.

The most recent version of Radio Mobile can be downloaded from the Radio Mobile website at:

Radio Mobile core files.

These files are packaged in the file 'rmwcore' and can be downloaded by the following link: (this file is required for all languages)


Radio Mobile executeable and aditional files.

Radio Mobile is packaged in a version and language specific file. With each version the file name is altered.

  • Depending on the language you wish to install you have to download one of the following files:
  Language Translator
  Arabian Abdullah Alotaibi
  Brazilian/Portuguese Marcio Pereira
  Chinese Anthony Hu
  Danish Jimmy Hahn
  German Arnold Tibus
  English Roger Coudé
  French Roger Coudé
  Greek Ioannis Liaskos
  Italian Gian Leonardo Solazzi and Gabriele Memeo
  Nederlands - Vlaams Gust Mariens
  Norvegian Kai Gunter Brandt
  Russian Serguei Fetisov
  Polish Dominik Rogalski
  Spanish Juan Andrés González
  Turkish A. Tahir DENGIZ
  Slovak dxr

You can choose to use a single version of Radio Mobile. This version comes with all languages in one program.

Only with Radio Mobile Multi language
Radio Mobile Multi language has specific features that come with the multi lanuage character of the program. These are identified by a purple box and the attention sign.


Insure that no other instances of Rmwdlx32.dll exists on your system. If you want to put the program at more than one location, you should put Rmwdlx32.dll (and other dlls) in c:\Windows\system32.


Download Radio Mobile in the required language or the Multi language version:

  Download Radio Mobile from the Radio Mobile site in your language



Aditional files

In addition it might be required that you install the following files:


For old versions of Windows, Linux-Wine, or Mac-WineBottler: Download the Visual Basic Runtime (Service pack 6) File vbrun60sp6.exe from Microsoft.
Install it on your PC before executing the next steps (you may have to reboot). holds the file 'geosys.dat' to configure a user defined coordinate system. Installation of the file is described in 'The program > Files > Geosys.dat' TTo get a World Map with SRTM continent definition, extract file in the program directory.


Windows Help Fix: For Windows 7 and 8 users you may need to install the Windows Help fix.


Download previous versions of Radio Mobile

Older versions of Radio Mobile can be downloaded on the website of RFSee:
(registration is mandatory)

Do you need a old version of Radio Mobile ?
RFSee offers older versions of Radio Mobile for download. template modified by PE1MEW