Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

Install all files in the required folders:

  • Unzip the file '' in the folder 'C:\radio_mobile' (this includes the folder structure in the zip-file)
  • Unzip your preferred language file in the folder 'C:\radio_mobile'
  • Unzip the additional files 'File' and File '' in the folder 'C:\radio_mobile'

Insure that no other instances of Rmwdlx32.dll exists on your system. If you want to put the program at more than one location, you should put Rmwdlx32.dll (and other dlls) in c:\Windows\system32.


Configure where to store the Radio Mobile configuration.

Radio Mobile settings can be stored on two locations:

  1. Windows registry
  2. RMW.ini file

The existance of the file RMW.ini toggles the location where Radio Mobile stores it's configuration. if you choose to store the configuration settings of Radio Mobile in a file, create a empty file in the same directory where the Radio Mobile executeable is located is and rename it to RMW.ini

Use Windows registry.

Configuration is finished

Use RMW.ini file

Create a empty file named RMW.ini is the folder where Radio Mobile is located:

  c:\radio mobile\rmw.ini


Configure geograpic data

Radio Mobile can use several sources of cartographic maps and areal photo's. See 'Edit > Merge picures'.

Some of these sources have to be enabled manualy before you can use them.

By editing the file 'Maplink.txt', Radio Mobile program can be configured to access various map sources. To enable access to a map source you have to remove the apostrophe before the name. This is for personal use only. template modified by PE1MEW