Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

In 'The Program' all functions of Radio Mobile are described. the document is strucured in the following main topics:

  • Defintions to understand terms that are being used in Radio Mobile.
  • Running the program and operating Radio Mobile.
  • The environment in which Radio mobile works and how it interactes with the world.


To understand funtionalities of Radio Mobile some minimal understanding of RF-teriminology is expected. But as some defintions are different being used or interpreted in Radio Mobile than in tooling therefore a list of defintions is available. When a definition is used and a explanation is available the unit has a hyperlink to the reference in definitions.

Running the program

To be able to run the program some understanding is required of a number of concepts.

  • Running Radio Mobile

After this introduction all individual menus are described with some information on houw to use it. The menus on this webiste are structured the same way Radio Mobile is structured.

If you need more information about the website structure look at 'About the website > website structure'

The following menu items are available:

If you want to navigate to the functionalities in a more graphical way you can use 'Quick reference > Main Window' Just click on the button or area in the window and you will be directed to the topic in the structure of this website.

The Radio Mobile main window.

The Radio Mobile environment.

In the Radio Mobile environment the following topics are covered.

File formats and files.

These chapters cover each individual file that is being used by Radio Mobile. also the folders and how they interact is described.

  • In 'File formats' the content and function of all files is described and explained.
  • In 'Files' some additional files are described.
  • In 'Folders' the folder structure is explained when applicable.
Program settings.

Radio Mobile configuration is stored in the registry or in a separate file. Here the individuel registry settings are described.

Program options.

Radio Mobile is a advanced pice of software and has features that can be of interest for advanced users. These features are described here.

Google Earth interaction.

Radio Mobile is able to interact with Google Earth. This chapter redirects to the 'How to's' where Google Earth interaction is described in detail. template modified by PE1MEW