Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

This datasheet is a description of the parameters and specifications of Radio Mobile.

Radio propagation model

Title ITS Irregular Terrain Model (Longley-Rice)
Code Original FORTRAN code translated to C++ DLL
Frequency Range 20 to 20000 MHz
Surface Refractivity Range 250 to 400 N-Units
Antenna heights Range .5 to 2999m
Elevation records up to 158
Elevation Range -999m to 20000m
Climates Equatorial
Continental Subtropical
Maritime Sub-Tropical
Continental Temperate
Maritime Temperate Over Land
Maritime Temperate Over Sea
Modes of variation Spot
Statistical parameters Time
Ground parameters Conductivity
Relative Permittivity

System parameters

Tx power 1.0E-8 to 1.0E+6 Watts
Receiver threshold 0.01 to 2000 µVolt
Line Loss 0 to 500 dB
Antenna gain -10 to 100 dBi


Number of networks up to 50
Number of units up to 1000
Number of systems up to 255
Topologies Voice net
Data net, Star
Data net, Cluster
Link parameters Tx Power
Tx Line Loss
Tx Antenna Gain
Propagation Loss
Rx Antenna Gain
Rx Line Loss
Rx Sensitivity

Elevation data matrix

Source Type SRTM 1, 3
DTED 0, 1, 2
Source Resolution 1/3, 1, 3, or 30 Arc second
Matrix Size up to 2000 x 2000 records
Matrix Coverage up to 5000 km
Matrix Projection Rectangular (aligned to latitude and longitude) compressed horizontally according to latitude
Interpolation Bi-linear template modified by PE1MEW