Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software
A word from the author of this website about Radio Mobile.
Radio Mobile is great software. However there is one big disadvantage: Radio Mobile is very poor documented. When this website was created the documentation was scattered around the internet. Some users have put their experiences on the web and using this information it was possible to get started using Radio Mobile and create nice results.

The information from these websites did not form a very structured source of information. It filled gaps in the documentation, there is a variety of styles, and it is not easy to learn from the (most of the time) valuable information. All these websites lack back-ground information and so it is possible for someone who has no experience in radioplanning to come to bogus results in which he believes. Knowledge of radio planning is required to get accurate en reliable results.

To solve this I started this website in 2007. I colected all available information from many sources and put it together on this website. Also I added some theory and background information. This documentation was initially build on my Intranet web server and intended for my own usage. After I while I moved it to the public so that others will have the benefit of it as well.
Over the years more and more information is added to the site and I started to reverse-engineer Radio Mobile to fully understand the program. All my knowledge of the program is put here together in How-to's and more.
As Roger keeps adding features and enhancements I will be kept busy documenting the changes end keeping the website up to date. Therefore this site is under 'permanent construction'. 

I hope this website will be you guide in the use of Radio Mobile and the amazing world of radioplanning.

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