Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

This website is structured in 4 blocks:

  1. Quick reference
  2. Background on the program
  3. Description of the the program Radio Mobile
  4. How to perform tasks and analysis examples.

The individual blocks are described in detail below:

Quick Reference

The 'quick reference' is a easy starting point in navigating to the information you require or the answers you are looking for. The Quick reference is made as easy as possible. Yust click on the item you want information about and the website will guide you to it.

main window

About the website.

Describes the objectives of the website and how it is structured.

About Radio Mobile

Is a global description about Radio Mobile. The 'Data sheet' lists all technical details of the software.

In 'Installation' a description is given of how to install Radio Mobile on you local computer.

The engine of Radio mobile is described in 'Calculations'. As the accuracy of the predictions rely on the terrain data this is described in detail in 'Geodata > Background'

The Program

The chapter 'The program' covers all features of Radio Mobile. It follows the menu structure of Radio Mobile but starts with a list of definitions for better understanding.

The documentation is structured the same way Radio Mobile is. But due to the complexity of some subjects and the limitation of the CMS of this website some individual menu's or sub menu's appear more than once. These have additional information. A example is in the tool menu.

The 'tools' menu has the following functions:

The 'Radio Coverage' menu has sub-menu's. These are combined together is a menu at the level of the tools menu. Also the 'Object editor' menu needs more detail. This results in the following structure:


These describe basics and global background on Radio Mobile and Radio Planning.

How to

Radio Mobile can help with performing many RF related tasks. In the 'How to' a number of tasks are described and how it can be done using Radio Mobile.

In addition to 'How to' some Analysis examples are given. template modified by PE1MEW