Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

Opens a form in order to initiate visual horizon drawing.

Unit to observe from

Elevation (m)
Groundheight in meters at the unit of observation location

Height (m)
Local height above ground of the 'antenna' of the unit.

Elevation angle scale

If checked the minimum and maximum values at the Y-axis are based on the local situation.
If un-checked the minimum and maximum values at the Y-axis are set by the user.

Target (m)
Target hight above ground level in meters


Draws the Visual horizon graph


Copy's the Visual horizon to the clipboard


The Graph displays the maximum angle under which the observer unit can see the observed.


Exports the Visual horizon to a text file 'horizon.txt'

Additional information.

The following image shows the situation of the unit under observation in the visual horizon above. the image can be used for verification of the result. As a aid radial lines have been drawn using 'Draw rings'

Click on the image for a large view template modified by PE1MEW