Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software


The observe function enables to view from the transmitter antenna in to the direction of the receiver and over the radio link. Opening angles of the viewer are:

  • 10°
  • 20°
  • 40°
  • 80°

If 'View - Observe-20°' is opened in the radio link pane for th etransmitter to the receiver link, the link display is changed to a view of the receiving antenna from the transmit antenna - if visible the Rx antenna is shown by a circle. The view colors corresponding to the elevation data from the map window.

If an aerial photograph has been merged over a map and saved under its own name, (to reference it to the elevation matrix), and the photograph is the active map window, the 'View - Observe-20°' function in the radio link pane will produce a view of the photo image superimposed on the elevation matrix.

Large Window

A large window will create a picture in Radio Mobile at the size of the map window and display the result.

Stereo view

S Stereoscopic picture is obtained to give a 3D effect when viewed through Red/Blue glasses.

The distance between the eyes can be configured in 'Options'


Description of Flight is under construction.


Stereoscopic view
The distance between the eyes in meters for the stereoscopic view

Configure the Frames per second and speed in meters per second for the flight animation.

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