Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

This window shows the probability that is applicable to the analysed radio link.
The scale is from weak to strong. The colour red displays the signals that are below the receiver threshold or RX sensitivity and the green colour displays the signals that are above the receiver threshold.

Receiver treshold
The minimum signal at which the receiver is performing at the required minimum quality criteria.
The minimum quality criteria can be 12 dB SINAD for analogue signals or 4% BER at digital signals.

Required statistical treshold
The minimum signal above the receiver threshold that is required due to the set location, situation, and time probability in 'Network properties - parameters'. If this criteria is met the probability of a successful link met.

Average signal
The calculated average signal at the observed receiver location.

Success margin
The delta between the receiver threshold and required statistical threshold.

Transmitter - Receiver

Information about the Transmitter and Receiver planes are at 'Radio Link - Profile'. template modified by PE1MEW