Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

This function can be call using the [F5] key.

This function enables to determine the best location for a radio station that is able to reach all stations evaluated based on radio propagation.

More information in the 'How to' on 'Find best sites in a network'

Best sites Within a network

To select 'Within a network' check 'Within a network'.

Square indicator - top left

This indicator shows if Clutter or Landcover is included in the prediction.

A red square with a cross indicates that Clutter (Landcover) is not enabled.
Clutter disabled
            indicator A Green square with a checkmark indicates that Clutter (Landcover) is enabled.




Centre unit

Select the centre unit. generally here the base station is used. The centre unit can be configured in 'network properties' and the unit location and icon can be set in 'unit properties'

The Centre unit will be used for each bin that is evaluated.


Select a network to which both units are associated.


These functions are unknown now

All Picture

Minimum coverage (%)

Select here the minimum threshold for which the analyses will display the results.

Select here the rainbow pallet the displays the ranges in % in th current map window

Draw size (pixels)

Sets the size of the bin in which Radio Mobile will calculate the radio path. Please read 'Definitions > Bin' on this topic because performance is affected by this parameter.

Select the color of the bin

Save picture in "frames" directory

Radio Mobile has to analyse radio coverage for each position in the file provided in the File path. At the end of the analysis these individual analysis will be merged in a result that is drawn in the current map window.

When checked the individual analysis will be stored in a "frames" directory. The frames directory is allocated one level deeper than the folder in wich the Radio Mobile executable is located. For each analysis a new frame folder is created with a number attached that will increase on each analysis.


If checked Radio Mobile plays the file 'complete.wav' when the operation is finished. template modified by PE1MEW