Radio Mobile can access many sources of geodata through the internet. The 'Internet' options menu enables to configure internet access and how to access can be gained to differente sources of geodata.

The initial configuration to start with Radio Mobile is described in 'Installation > configure the installation'. Here also defaults values are given as a recommendation.

Map data

Radio Mobile is capable of using several sources of cartographic maps and aeral photo's.

See 'Edit > Merge picures'.

Some of these sources have to be enabled manually before you can use them.

The reason for this is that you are forced to take notice of any conditions that come with using the data sources.

By reading and editing the file Map_Link.txt (with for exampleNotepad), the program can access various map layers for personal use only. This can be configured in the file 'Map-Link.txt' To enable access to a map source you have to remove the apostrophe before the name.

Radio Mobile can be handle data retrived from in 3 modes:

The choice is yours on how to use Radio Mobile. Generally is recommended to store the data local so in the case of a malfunction of internet access you have the benefit of the local cached geodata.

The folders in which the cached data is stored can be configured as recommended in 'installation - Preparations'