Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

Use this option to check for updates on Radio Mobile.

When no update is available you will be informed about it.

When a update is available your are asked if you want to update your version of Radio Mobile.

More information about how to update Radio Mobile in the manual of the update program 'RMupdate'.

Statistics collection

Using the "Check for web update" feature information is provided to the author of Radio Mobile  about the usage of Radio Mobile.

Every time a "Check for web update" is performed a unique ID and a language token are sent to the server. That ID is used to differentiate users in order to count each user only one time, and also even if they do many requests for update.

For windows users, the ID is generated using the serial number of the hard drive where the program exe is located and converted in hex.

For Linux users, it is based on a random seed also converted in hex. The ID is generated only one time and can be viewed in the Help-About pane.

The whole process protects user confidentiality, since there are no IP addresses involved, but only a number that means nothing by itself.

If you do not use the "on line" web update and download directly the files from the website, you will not be part of that survey.

Statstics page

The collected statistics can be found at: template modified by PE1MEW