Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

The radio link performance as described by Roger for Radio Mobile is part of the link budget. The radio link performance describes the performance of the Up- or Downlink.

A practical implementation of a link budget is described in 'How to > Link budget'

The performance of a radio link is calculated as per the following:

T Power of the transmitter in dBm  10 log10 (Transmit power in Watts) + 30
L1 Transmitter line loss in dB
A1 Transmitter antenna gain relative to an isotropic antenna (dBi)
P Radio propagation loss from the Longley-Rice model in dB (including required fade margin)
A2 Receiver antenna gain relative to an isotropic antenna (dBi)
L2 Receiver line loss in dB
R Receiver sensitivity where the voltage is used as provided by a 0 dBd dipole antenna with a impedance of 50 ohm. 20 log10
(Receiver threshold in microvolts) - 107

The performance M is expressed in dB as a value over the receive sensitivity of the receiver:

M Received signal in dBm - R

M = (Tx - L1 + A1 - P + A2 - L2 ) - R

The performance can be expressed in S-Units. The S-Units can be configured in 'Options > S-Unit' template modified by PE1MEW