Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

This is a specific setup for Radio Mobile in combination with AGWPE:

  1. If required, download AGWPE from the website of AGW.
  2. Install and configure AGWPE and first test that AGWPE is working. This can be done with AGWTerm. Be sure that you do receive proper APRS frames from the network you wish to analyse.
  3. Create a map for the APRS coverage area you wish to examine.
  4. In Radio Mobile select 'Options', then 'APRS Options'.
  5. Enter a check mark for Enable APRS.
  6. For AGWpacket Host enter the IP address of the computer where AGWPE is running.
    By default the local computer (localhost) is used ( If AGWPE is running on a different computer, enter the AGWPE computer's IP network address.
  7. For Port, use 8000, the default IP port that AGWPE uses.
    (It would only be different if you changed the port number in AGWPE's TCP/IP interface settings.)
  8. Press the Apply button and close the window.

APRS station callsigns should begin to appear in the mapwindow and then disappear when a new station is heard.

Note that you must select a starting 'unit' in the station list. template modified by PE1MEW