Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

Radio Mobile can create series of single cartesian coverage plots in a batch.

The initial purpose of of this feature was for repeater frequency coordination but it can be used for any other purpose that requires series of single artesian coverage plots.

The batch operation feature requires a fully installed and working installation of Radio Mobile. It does not use the system and unit database in Radio Mobile. Therefore it uses the parameters per unit in the batch file. The feature will bypasses all personal settings that are stored with normal operation.

Minimum requirements

Minimum requirements are:

  • SRTM data including the path
  • Landcover is used if the path is there
  • The system gain including line loss and antenna gain.
  • Antenna heights and antenna file, with azimuth and tilt.

Description of the feature

The batch operation is a sequence of calculations where the parameters are given per job.

Each job in the batch process is one line in the batchfile.txt. The format of this file is given in 'The Program > File Formats > Batchfile.txt'

The output of a job is a picture of a map on the specified location (destination path) together with the associated map files dat, geo, inf, kml and sig. If the picture file exists at the desination location the job is skipped. So you can keep it as a list and only the new jobs are processed.

You must compute your system gain per job including line loss and antenna gain.

You must provide Antenna heights for both static and mobile unit and a antenna file for teh static unit with azimuth and tilt.

It computes only in cartesian, one color and at 1x1 pixel resolution. The color of the plot is specified with the job.

A square map is created based on your pixel size in metres and range in km. A map with a 100m resolution with 100km range will give a 2000x2000 picture. the coverage range is delimited by the maximum range specified with the job.

The feature has no protection, so it is possible that the computer hangs! template modified by PE1MEW