Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

This file holds all variables for automated operation of Radio Mobile.

More information on the Batch function in Radio Mobile can be found at 'How to > Batch operation'.

Alle parameters in the header and data lines in TAB spaced.

Example file

The file is in the following format:



Variable Comment
header This is the first line of the batch file. It holds a description of the colums in the file.
Picture file The absolute path to the picture file including the name of the file. Example: "c:\temp\cov1.png"
System gain System gain
Antenna file Exact name of the antenna file in the ant directory. example: "cardio.ant"
Antenna azimuth Heading of the antenna in degrees
Antenna tilt Tilt of the antenna in degrees. 0 degrees is level.
Antenna height Antenna height of the unit that is calculated above ground level in meters
Elevation ASL Local ground height in meter above sea level
Mobile antenna height Antenne height of the unit that represents the mobile in meters abouve ground level.
Frequency Frequency in MHz
Latitude Latitude in degrees.decemal-degrees
Longitude Longitude in degrees.decemal-degrees
Map resolution Resolution of the map in meters
Maximum range Maximum range of the polar coverage in Km
Color Colour of the coverage plot
SRTM path Absolute path to the SRTM files. Example:"p:\geodata\srtm1". This is the same as in Map properties or Internet settings
Landcover path Absolute path to the SRTM files. Example:"p:\geodata\landcover\*.lcv". This is the same as in Internet settings

Example file:

Picture file    System gain    Antenna file    Antenna azimuth    Antenna tilt    Antenna height    Elevation ASL    Mobile antenna height    Frequency    Latitude    Longitude    Map resolution    Maximum range    Color    SRTM path    Landcover path
c:\temp\cov1.png    150    cardio.ant    90    0    35    0    2    445    45.3    -73,3    100    100    00FF00    p:\geodata\srtm1    p:\geodata\landcover\*.lcv
c:\temp\cov2.png    150    cardio.ant    90    0    5    0    2    445    46.3    -72,3    200    50    00FF00    p:\geodata\srtm1    p:\geodata\landcover\*.lcv template modified by PE1MEW