Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

This file displays the result of the last analysis in Radio Mobile.
The file is located in the root of Radio Mobile

The file is in the following format:


Radio Mobile <date> <Time>
<analysis type>


Variable Comment
 Date  Date at wich the anlysis was performed
 Time  Time at wich the analysis was perfomed
 analysis type  analysis that was performed:
  • Combined cartesian coverage
 Message  Message that comes with the analysis result. This depends on the analysis type:
  • Combined cartesian Coverage reports:
    • covered area in square Km over the treshold
    • the result file of the analysis.

Example file:

 Radio Mobile 02-08-2010 08:21:12
Combined cartesian coverage
Area covered is 2277 square km on ..\10t.jpg template modified by PE1MEW