Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

The SIG file is a binary file. It holds signal strength as calculated by a cartesian coverage and is assosiated with a picture file.

File Location:

The location of the file is not mandatory as long as it is in the same folder with the raster image file that it is associated with.

File description:

 Fac e


  Integer here in VB is equivalent to a signed SHORT in C Single here in VB is equivalent to a FLOAT in C
Version in HEX value 5A5A and is a file sanity check
Mode Describe the unit selected for the coverage 0=S-Unit, 1=dBm, 2=µV, 3=dBµV/m
System the system gain As Single
Fac the correction to get the dBµV/m As Single
Freq the frequency in MHz As Single
Trh the receiver threshold in dBm As Single
Tr1 the minimum value of the signal to draw As Single
Sx and Sy the data matrix size As Integer
Pix the draw size in pixels As Integer
SigData() The signal matrix in cB (10 x dB) as integer template modified by PE1MEW