Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

Landcover data can be used from two sources. The first source is a local landcover file. The second is a datasource on the internet. The source is selected by the "IMG" or "LCV" Check boxes.

The button in the Toolbar

This button enables you to toggle Land Cover usage ON or OFF. To display the status

  • Green represents ON,
  • Red     represents OFF.

Land Cover in Elevation data

Here all individual clutter classes can be set as available in land cover.
These individual parameters are described in 'How to > Land cover'


Include land cover height.

Enables to add clutter height to the ground height in the prediction model.
See also 'Terrain data > Background on DEM' for additional information on this setting.

When this is checked clutter information is also displays in the Status bar (see 'View > Statusbar')

The results can be seen in 'Tools > Radio link'

This is a example without clutter

This is a example with clutter

Clutter classes

These are the clutter classes. They are displayed with default height and density.
The given values are applicable to the data set that is downloadable form the university of Maryland's but may change when using other data sets.

  Clutter class Height (m) density (m)
00 Water 0 0
01 Evergreen Needleleaf Forest 5 100
02 Evergreen Broadleaf Forest 15 60
03 Decidious Needleleaf Forest 3 100
04 Decidious Needleleaf Forest 8 60
05 Decidious Broadleaf Forest 10 70
06 Mixed Forest 5 70
07 Wooded Grassland 4 10
08 Closed Shrubland 2 10
09 09 Open Shrubland 1 10
10 Grassland 1 5
11 Cropland 1 5
12 Bage Ground 0 0
13 Urban and Build-up 10 100
Land cover file

Points to the folder where the landcover file "landcover.img" or the landcover files in ".lcv" are located. See 'Configure landcover usage'.

Height (m)

The average height of this type of clutter. For more information seel 'Land Cover'

Density (%)

The density of the clutter for radio waves. For more information seel 'Land Cover'


Sets default values from Radio Mobile


Loads a pre-set for both clutter height and density from file. The file format is described in 'File formats > Landcover.dat format'


Stores the current settings for late use. Both clutter height and density are stored. The file format is described in 'File formats > Landcover.dat format'

Configure landcover source

The first source is a local land cover image-file. The second is a data source on the internet.
The source is selected by the "IMG" or "LCV" Check boxes.

.IMG image file

This data covers the area of your choice. The landcover image file covers the world in 1 Km grid.

While using the local stored image file select the "IMG" Checkbox. Copy the "landcover.img" file in a folder called 'landcover'. Set the path to that folder holds the landcover file in 'Options > Data options > Land cover'. Select the file 'landcover.img'.

.LCV files

The .lcv that is offered using the Radio Mobile download service is only providing land cover data for North America and Canada.

To enable the use of LCV files from the internet select the "LCV" checkbox.
Set the path to the landcover file in .LCV format to the same path as the path configured in 'Options > Internet > Landcover' template modified by PE1MEW