Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

Radio Mobile is not designed for multiple sectors or links co-located on one site. The program is not structured in a way where multiple units can be co-located on one site. In operation of the program multiple units can be located on the same coordinates and so represent multiple sectors in a radio network.

The disadvantage of this approach is that all unit icons are exactly overlapped and therefore cannot be identified anymore.

Ian, G3TVU, created a work-around to address the issue of overlapping icons. He created a set of icons where portions of the Icon are transparent. Using this method up to 4 overlapping units can be displayed while being located at the same coordinates.

The following images display the result of using Ian's icons. from a single location 3 links are served. 3 images display the individual links where the last one shows the composite result of this network.


The following images display the possible configurations that the icon set of Ian offers:

2 co-located units

3 co-located units

4 co-located units


The icon set of Ian can be downloaded from his website at:

The icon set can be downloaded from here as a mirror service: template modified by PE1MEW