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dBi is decibel above the gain of a isotrope antenna as a reference.

The isotrope antenna is a mathematical antenna with a radiation pattern of a perfect sphere.
From this background it is calculated that a dipole antenna has a gain of 2.15 dB referenced to the isotrope antenna.

  • A dipole has a gain of 2.15 dBi
  • A dipole has a gain of 0 dBd
  • In the case of a yagi antenna with a gain of 14 dBd the yagi has 14 dB more gain as a dipole.
  • the same yagi has a gain of 16.15 dBi

dBi is used for mathematical purposes and by commercial guys who want to add 2.15 dB more gain to the antenna they sell :-) template modified by PE1MEW