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dBuV is commonly used to specify receiver sensitivity.

  • 0.5 µV is equivalent to – 113 dBm
  • 1.0 µV is equivalent to – 107 dBm
  • 10 µV is equivalent to – 87 dBm

To convert from dBm simply subtract 107 from the dBm value. (See Note-2)


  1. dBm for receiver sensitivity is based on a voltage level in µV, not a power level in Watts. Mathematically, this is taken into account and does make a difference to the decibel calculations.
  2. The simple conversion from dBuV to dBm only applies for antenna systems with a impedance of 50 Ohm !

Portions of this text are provided by Brian Henderson and can also be found in his Program Operating Guide.

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