Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

In this menu, options on the toplogy of the network can be selected an configured.


Use this check box to show or hide a net on the map picture.

Voice net

Use this option for a net where need lines from command posts to subordinate units are required, but not between subordinates. Rebroadcast units can be used to increase the communication range.

Data net, star topology

Use this option for a data net where a master unit polls slave units, with no links between slave units.

Data net, cluster

Use this option for a data net with nodes that can retransmit datagrams (rebroadcast, digipeating).

Maximum number of rebroadcasts.

If set to zero, this parameter will inhibit retransmission.
Otherwise: (Maximum number of rebroadcasts) = (Time to live) - 1 template modified by PE1MEW