Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

This dialog allows to import multiple units at once. Units can be imported in 3 different formats:

To work with Google earth, see: How to work with Google Earth: Import units.

The menu's in the top of this wondow have these options:


Select the file that has the units you wish to import.


The open file dialog allows to select the required file.


Stop selection of the units file.


Cancel the 'import multiple units operation'.


Finish the 'import multiple units operation' and return to the units window.

[<--] button

How does the selection process work?

In the left plane the units that are available in the network are displayed. In the right plane the units form the file that is read are displayed.

Select the unit in the right plane that must be imported. Then select the unit in the left plane to which the right unit must be copied. To finlaize the copy procedure click on the [<--] button. template modified by PE1MEW