Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

These keyboard keys are available in Radio Mobile.

Keyboard key

Do: Comment
F1 Help
F2 Radio Link
F3 Polar Coverage
F4 Cartesian Coverage
F5 Find Best Sites Coverage
F6 Route Radio Coverage
F7 Merge pictures
F8 Map Properties
F9 Fit map to picture
F10 (none)
F11 Visual coverage
F12 Visual Horizon
ESC Stop / Close a window / Cancel
ALT-F4 Exit program
PG UP Show previous picture
PG DOWN Show next picture
CTRL-1, CTRL-2, … Toggle pictures
CTRL-C Copy active picture/selection into the clipboard (including network)
CTRL-F Find summit in a picture/selection or Find unit(s) in the Unit window
CTRL-I Picture properties dialogue
CTRL-M Metric conversion tool
CTRL-N Networks Properties
CTRL-O Open a network
CTRL-P Print
CTRL-S Save network
CTRL-U Units Properties
CTRL-V Paste clipboard contents into a new picture
Keyboard arrows Move cursor
[+] Increase cursor elevation in a stereo picture
[-] Decrease cursor elevation in a stereo picture template modified by PE1MEW