Radio Mobile - RF propagation simulation software

The result of the survey will be survey data. In general this data contains for each coordinate one or more fieldstrength values.

To be used in Radio Mobile this data has to be split in to two separate files. These files have 100% correlation. Each line in the file holding a measurement location should be represented in the other file with a line that holds the fieldstrengt at that location.

Route file

The first file represents the route and is in .plt object format. Here each coordinate represents a position where a fieldstrength measurement took place. This file is used for performing calculations in Radio Mobile. The 'Route radio coverage' function is used for this.

How this works is described in 'Mathematical verification'.

please note: Radio Mobile can handle up to a maximum of 10.000 points in to one file. You wil have to reduce to <10.000 points or split a file in to parts.

Calculation file

This is the file where the calculations are perfomed. A example is available for download in the 'Mathematical verification'.

Because Radio Mobile produces results in dBm it is required that fieldstrength values are transformed from the measurement value (uV, uV/m or dBuV) in to dBm. The calculation file is a good place to perform this. template modified by PE1MEW